In the early 1990’s Vietnam, one group of medical doctors from France arrived to the Mekong Delta on a humanitarian voyage.  It was during the rain season and what the humanitarians observed was poverty and homeless children, so a makeshift shelter was built as a relief.  Thus began the beautiful adventure of ASSORV in 1992 by its French founders with the inauguration of the first orphanage in Can Tho.  Some 50 children arrived to fill the structure, accompanied by adults, teachers and administrators, in cooperation with a local social service organization.

Today, thanks to the generosity of sponsors and donations, ASSORV continues to serve over 150 children in more than three orphanages in Vietnam. More than twenty of the children have gone on to receive university degrees, and returned to help a new generation of children. The children in Danang now grow crops, such as mushroom production, to sell locally. In addition to schools and orphanages, ASSORV funds have helped in emergency situations, such as floods and mudslides that have threatened the crops. ASSORV France was able to fund these operations in the beginning, but could not support all the activities alone, hence

ASSORV California was launched in 2007 with the mission of extending the scope of the operations. It costs $500 a year to sponsor a child, and $30,000 a year to maintain each orphanage. Today, our fundraising efforts and generous sponsors have allowed these children to have a future.



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