Use the Internet to promote the cause of orphans and destitute children, and to broaden our reach in order to inform and raise money.






1. Support three existing orphanages (including teachers salaries, school supplies, utilities, food, clothing, medical care). Two of the orphanages are located in Mekong Delta: in Can Tho (created in 1992) and in Vi Thanh (created in 1996). Both are in dire need of restoration: current estimates are $10,000.00 to restore Can Tho and $12,000.00 to restore Vi-Thanh. A little goes a long way in Vietnam. The third orphanage is located in Da Nang. Fourty three new children entered these orphanages last year.


2. Creation and support of a primary school in Cao Bang in the mountains on the Chinese border for minority ethnic groups (Tay, Hmong, Nung, and others).


3. Creation of a second primary school in the same area. This project was completed in 2010.


4. Emergency situations, such as floods, mudslides and once-in-a-century frost. During the last recent frost, the rice crop was lost and 50,000 cattles died.



5. Medical missions once every two years. Some 30 medical and paramedical volunteers (from France and from USA) provided over 3,000 consultations.


6. Numerous other smaller projects.

Sponsorship:  It is possible to sponsor a child. Requirement: contribute $40 monthly.


On-site visits: Every year members of ASSORV California and France visit the orphanages.


Requirement : contribute $40 a monthly



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